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>> he is trying to revitalize the grass roots organization of the 2008 campaign. a straw poll was taken on who conservatives would like to see run against president obama in 2012. tony perkins announced the results today in northwest washington. topping the list, 24% of the vote, congressman mike pence of indiana. former arkansas governor mike huckabee came in second. mitt romney came in third. at fourth was newt gingrich. sarah palin came in fifth. busy local bridges are closed, the chain bridge and the frederick douglass bridge were both closed last night for structural repairs. that means there is no access to them for motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians. both are expected to reopen at 5:00 a.m. monday. the chain bridge will close again each of the next three weekends in october. very nice saturday night.
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it brought about the rest of the weekend -- what about the rest of the weekend? brian van degraff is in the weather center. >> we are watching a gorgeous weekend developing. it is fitting because this is the last full weekend of summer, as we switchover to fall. the weatherbug network temperatures cooling off nicely, upper 70's, 80 degrees. 62 rockville. leesburg 59, 57 warrenton. 58 la plata. we are cooling off nicely. in the morning, 50's downtown, 40's in the suburbs. we warm to the upper 80's to more. afternoon clouds, but a very nice finished the weekend. coming up, igor on the move. bermuda tourists are trying to leave before the storm makes landfall. plus, a star high school quarterback collapses and dies minutes after throwing a
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touchdown. what caused his death? and heading home, the americans just released -- the american released from the iranian prison is heading back to the u.s.. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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votes are being counted after a day of violence in afghanistan. bombings killed 11 civilians and three police officers as afghans voted for a new parliament. the vote tabulation is expected to take days and some say the results will have little meeting because of fraud and low turnout. those who vote said they were determined to be heard over the taliban. freed american hiker sarah shourd is on her way back to the u.s., completing the first leg of her trip this morning. oman was key in securing her release. before getting on the plane, she thanked the people of oman and made a personal plea. >> i will always associate your country with the first breath of my freedom.
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i think the good hospital people -- i think he did good hospitable people and ask you to please extend your prayers to my fiancee and my friend, josh. >> they were arrested along with her while hiking along the iraqi border. they remain accused of being spies and both men are still facing charges. iran says it released the woman because of its respect for women. she is expected to arrive in the u.s. tomorrow. an destination under way in new york state after six people killed in a crash involving a church minivan. there were initial reports it collided with a tractor-trailer but the police say it was a one- vehicle accident on interstate 87. no word on what caused the driver to lose control. eight passengers in the van were injured. tragedy on a haskel football field cutting at the heart strings of the nation. -- on a high-school football field. he had just thrown a touchdown pass near beaumont, texas, and
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moments later collapsed and died at the hospital. on aware of his condition, coaches allowed the game to continue, but in the fourth quarter the news circled back to the stadium. his mother said he suffered from seizures. the five-month battle to seal the ruptured oil well on the golf is nearly finished. pressure tests are being conducted to ensure the oil well is completely blocked. it ruptured april 20 after an explosion that killed 11 workers and cost the worst offshore oil spill in the nation's history. a plane crashes on approach to reagan national airport, sending first responders into action. thankfully, this was just a drill. d.c. fire and ems worked with other agencies to prepare for the worst. they were aided by 80 volunteers.
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>> everybody is trying to do is get practice. hands-on practice working together, communicating, responding, saving lives. >> flight operations were not affected by the drill. the results will be reviewed by local leaders in the coming weeks. hurricane igor tonight, right now the danger storm is heading towards bermuda, causing hunters of people to flee the island. -- causing hundreds of people to flee the island. >> bermuda is starting to feel the effects of hurricane igor, even though the storm is still about 30 hours away. the wind is definitely kicking up, a little bit of moisture. a lot of people have come not just to watch the water because they know they will not be able to be out here tomorrow. the island has already started to shut down. the last flight of the airport is going out this afternoon. there are expecting at least 4 inches of rain and water inside the terminal building when it
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actually hits with all its fury. they're taking this very seriously because there is a hurricane seven years ago that did not hit them dead on, and it looks like igor could be a direct hit on bermuda, so the residents here, 65,000 of them, are taking it very seriously. most of the tourists are getting off the island. >> too bad we're not getting any rain from that system. a lot of our grain is from tropical systems, but they're not coming our way. the good news for us, the weekend -- >> it was gorgeous. >> the very latest, still category 2 hurricane. karl has diminished. meanwhile, just behind igor is julia. she is a tropical storm, and she will continue to lose strength
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as he meanders away from the atlantic. igor still strong. category 2 storm. obviously major effects. continuing to move to the north, northwest. reagan national, bottom right of the screen, from the rooftop camera, the sun rise, beautiful. as we continue to go through the day, -- oops, didn't work. it was gorgeous, nonetheless. 57 burke, 59 beltsville. the temperatures cooling off nicely. cool and comfortable evening overnight. the official high today, 79 at reagan national airport, a morning low of 58.
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the average is 79 and 61. close to where we should be this time of year. it i will tell you as we move through the evening, temperatures continue to drop. 57 frederick, 63 winchester. we will probably get into the 50's and possibly the 40's in the western suburbs. that is through the evening. severe frontal system will swing through to march. we start off clear and cool, scattered clouds, nothing in tents. cloud cover in the afternoon as we head towards the evening hours. the clouds later in the day, partly cloudy, should be still nice. with the southerly push of air and the wind, the temperature probably warmer, upper 80's as we had through the afternoon. patchy clouds, noticeably warmer later in the day, upper 80's.
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behind that system, no rain, but temperatures start to drop back a little bit, low 80's monday. the upper 70's tuesday. fox kicks off wednesday night. it will be near mid 80. up next, women helping women. assisting women reach their goals. ♪
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[bus engine. ♪ounds of coughing and sniffling] some maryland women tonight know more about each other and their local business community. they posted their first ever women's expo today. maureen bunyan delivered the keynote speech. it organizes planned the event as a way to bring together women of different races, ages, and careers. it also raises money for scholarships for women who are looking to move up in their companies or start businesses of the rhone. big day in college football?
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>> saturday night, sunday morning. that means at lot of college football. navy was in that the louisiana. we will check in with them. and the maryland terrapins went to morgantown to take on west virginia. could the terps remained unbeaten? ♪
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. the maryland terrapins were riding high going into morgantown on the strength of their undefeated record, but they ran into a west virginia team that was all about business. west virginia jumped on top quickly. second quarter, smith finds bailey, leaps, comes down with the ball, touchdown. the terps are down by three touchdowns. and the mountaineers add another seven. then maryland wakes up. robinson looking long, fine smith. he runs all the way to the end zone. it touched down, maryland. third quarter, robinson looking for more. he finds, guess who, smith, wide open, down the field, a perfect pass. 80 yards, touchdown. it deep into the fourth quarter, one last shot for maryland.
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there goes the ball game. robinson is sex. western virginia turns beside the terps. bridget robinson is sacked. big scare early for virginia tech against carolina. east carolina, second quarter, va tech on top. east carolina came back. it fit. here come the hokies. look at this. play of the game. dominic davis back to pass, interception. clear sailing. it breaks and other tackle. somehow he stays in bounds. a touchdown, 68 yard intercut -- interception touchdown. i navy and action tonight, under the lights in louisiana. navy's quarterback, floats set up, touchdown.
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tied at 13-13. late in the third quarter, the backup freshman chris procter running the show. he keeps it himself. rumbles and for the score. the navy comes back home with a victory. 37-26. other local teams in action, georgetown puts together a good season, running into a tough yale team and they lose. howard loses to florida a&m. the washington redskins will come a very powerful houston texans team with a poem and balanced offense along with a very tough the offensive unit. that means the redskins offense which struggled, and that is a mild way of putting it against the cowboys, has to do better. the redskins have been working and they're confident. >> this is a good offense. we have good players. it is just a matter of time before we all get it together.
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>> i think it will happen quickly. i think it will happen quickly. we can obviously take a lot out of that first game. obviously, but the mistakes and the miscues, but a lot of the positives also. >> 4 caught 15 start tomorrow. -- 4:15 start tomorrow. the nationals-phillies. desmond launches the rocket. that will bounce around into the corner. making his way to the plate, around third, to relate to the plate. the throat -- he is safe. the phillies with the big bats tonight. to run home run. the phillies quiet the nationals, 5-2. the yankees, cc sabathia became the first 20-game winner in the national league. believe it or not, but in his
12:27 am
career, he has won 20 games in
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next couple days, mid 80's. no rain accompanying the clouds. fairly call week as the fall officially kicks off. >> thank you for being with us. a saturday news extra is next. hey ella! hey.
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here's boulder. ok, see you in an hour. [ boulder barks ] bye, bye. here we go. come on boulder.
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this is abc 7 saturday news extra, on your side. hundreds of the nation's most influential conservatives have gathered for the values voter summit and they made their
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choice for who should run in the 2012 race for president. one day two of the summit, a clear picture of a conservative voters would throw the most support behind is emerging. indiana congressman mike pence was the topic with 24%, beating mike huckabee and other well- known gop members newt gingrich and sarah palin. the conservative pat riley has welcomed a number of high- profile gop's to the stage. -- the conservative pat riley has welcomed a number of high- profile gop's to the stage. it romney accused the establishment of moving away from the more foundations of the country. >> america's belief that washington is threatening the very foundation of what has made america america. washington is assaulting america's values. >> christine o'donnell also took center stage, speaking to the in
12:34 am
d.c. at the crowd, defending the grass-roots movement that catapulted her on to the national political stage. >> they call us wing nuts. we call cost we the people. >> virtually unknown until recently, she is backed by sarah palin, who recently placed -- recently praised tea party candidates. >> we cannot wait until 2012. we need to start now by electing strong leaders who are not afraid to shake it up. >> one woman not happy, the alaska senator who defiantly announced she will seek re- election with a right in. >> they tell me this cannot be done, but this is -- that this is a futile effort. perhaps this is one time date met one republican woman who would not quit on alaska. >> it was a big week

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